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Advertising is the art of sending message about the features benefits and uses of goods, ideas and services to prospective buyers using a media. Marketers are always in search of new media options to send their message across. The modern age is truly a digital era. The use of internet is widespread. Access to internet is easily available through use of large number of gadgets like mobiles, laptops, computers, I-Pads, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Mails. Digital advertising easily goes viral. It is gaining huge popularity in modern times. The question however is how much is too much. With large number of people using online sites for entertainment, work and information it is easy to find a ready audience. Marketers are using digital platforms to advertise their products and services. The online users are flooded with advertisements. This intrudes on their privacy, disturbs the flow of work, and leads to invasion of private space. This paper studies how the online advertising is intruding private space. The paper studies the impact of excessive advertising on the online media. It studies whether the advertisement is more effective or annoying to the media user irrespective of the platform of social media used. It studies the impact of such advertisement on the user of the digital media

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