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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is being practiced worldwide at huge scale. The motivation behind this research paper is to upgrade the understanding of what is IMC, its effect and the distinction between IMC and traditional advertising. It uses a combination of communication, marketing, advertising services and techniques to for marketing. IMC is ultimately achieved through concise and consistent marketing of products through both traditional marketing and online marketing. IMC is related with some positive outcomes like brand management, consumer loyalty, brand reliability, positive brand image, one of a kind brand association, greater benefit, expanded deals and cost reserve funds. IMC has significant effect on consumers compared to traditional marketing strategies.


The study was conducted on both the primary and secondary data. Primary data is collected from 100 respondents through online questionnaire and secondary data is collected from books and websites. Research objective is to understand effectiveness and importance of Integrated Marketing Communications. The research has come to a conclusion that Integrated Marketing communications has greater effect on minds of consumers. Combination of both traditional and online marketing has lasting impact on consumers.


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