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Environmentalism is the new trend in the current times. Recently, the Green Movement has driven the attention of one and all. The Green movement has provided marketers a customer- centric approach to induce them to buy their products. Green marketing has made its way into advertising and the consumer marketplace, through which the marketers are attempting to scale up sales. Green, environmental and eco-marketing are part of the new advertising approaches which do not just enhance existing advertising but gives an altogether different perspective of the characteristics of the product. It focuses on the allied advantages of the product in terms of its impact on environment. Green advertising is the advertising of products that are environmentally safe and hence they are preferred over other products. However, it is very important to know the impact of the Green advertising and various factors propagated in the advertisements that influence customers buying decision. This paper attempts to evaluate awareness level about the concept of Green advertising and find out the perception of people towards Green advertising. It also makes us understand the various factors that influence the minds of the customers. The present study is based upon the primary data collected from the customers in the city of Ulhasnagar through questionnaire. The findings aim at examining factors encouraging the use of green products, based on green advertisements made by the companies.

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