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The technological revolution that India witnessed in the 1990s had brought about transformation in all the sectors, including, education. The ease of connectivity and usage of Internet has broadened the horizons of students and teachers, both. Online education has taken the center stage now, more than ever.  


This paper is focused on the rise of various online learning platforms that provide learning at the click of a mouse, specifically the mobile learning (M - learning) apps. The manner of dissemination of knowledge on online mediums has proved to be a worthy success. It has rightfully challenged the traditional medium of classroom learning.


The technological gadgets and easy availability of internet connection has granted us considerable freedom to push the boundaries of possibility. This shift has powered the growth story of M – learning apps in India. The question to ponder herein is whether these online platforms of education have a long – term impact and what will be the new role of an educator in these times. The various connected issues such as flexibility, convenience of students, multiple electronic devices, communication skills of educator, etc. also need to be analyzed in depth to understand the growth story of innovative technology in teaching.

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