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This process is used to separate two or several solvents from a mixture. In fractional distillation process, a crude or a mixture of solvents is heated up to boiling temperature. The fractional distillation process is carried out when the difference in boiling point temperatures of different solvents is below 250C. For this operation, separate tanks are required for storing different solvents also it involves manual labor to keep an eye on the purity of product required. So, for eliminating this problem, we have designed a distillation column which will be operating on a suitable automatic mechanism. The distillation column consists of two ports for carrying reflux and collection operations. These two operations operated automatically by an electric timer circuit, which is work on timings provided by maintaining the purity of the product. By using reflux divider, time required for completing the distillation process is reduced as well as the percentage of purity also increase as there is no human errors. Hence, as the reduced time required, the production rate of the plant increased simultaneously.

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