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ViolenceĀ is the use of physical force in order to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy the other. It refers to exercisingconscious use of power either in the form of threat or actual action against an individual or a group of people which results in harm, injury, deprivation or even death in an extreme case. Violence can be divided into three broad categories, namely, self-directed, interpersonal and collective violence. In India violence is a serious social issue. We see, hear, and read about instances of social, political, cultural and individual violence every single day of our lives. Violence can be perceived as a targeted path to destroy an independent entity or a collective community of people.The objective of the present paper is to undertake an understanding of the reasons for violence in India which are basically deeply ingrained in the social constructs of the concepts of masculinity and patriarchy. The different forms of violence in the India society will be discussed with some relevant examples. The paper also attempts to discuss the various mediums through violence has been expressed in India. An evaluation ofviolent methods in the Indian society and their impact on the lives of not just women but also other underprivileged sections of the society will be taken up. The research methodology for this paper primarily involves the collection of references through newspaper articles on major cases of violence in India. The methodology also involves gathering references, study material, research papers and academic essays throughvisits to libraries and archives. Further, the paper contextualizes these references which have been read, analyzed, thoroughly examined and presented through the course of the discussion. Finally, major results or outcomes have been discussed in the conclusion of the paper by suggesting specific measures which can be adopted through conscious efforts for tackling the problem of violence in India.

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