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The use of technology has become part of our daily routine. We use it every day when we talk on our cell phones, take selfies, video chat, play with apps, send emails, etc. It has also changed the basic idea of education and has helped to achieve perfection in the educational field. Technology does not only have positive outcomes, but it also has negative outcomes that are linked to the education of children in the K-12 system. In the present study the researcher is interested to study the impact of technology on the behaviour of students from the point of view of the teacher trainees who are well equipped with the technology. The investigator selected B.Ed. teacher trainees as sample for the present study. It was found that technology is undoubtedly useful in our daily lives, but both teachers and parents need to understand that technology in education comes with its own pros and cons. So it should be used wisely in order to gain its maximum benefit in providing quality education.

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