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“An effective teacher inspires his students and replaces the empty mind with open mind” Teachers are the real architects of the nation. The status of teachers in ancient Indian Society is very high. She/he is the legendary Guru, the dispenser of knowledge, and caretaker of his/her students. The teacher has the greatest role in molding the future of the country, and is responsible for giving birth to all other professions, thus teaching is the most noble profession, the most respectful and important profession in one’s life. He/she has to cultivate in himself humility, compassion and the spirit of loving services, much more than this belonging to other professions where he/she is an ideal and role-model to his/her students. Teacher decides the prosperity or poverty of a country. Teacher is responsible for building up the nation so he/she needs to play a vital role in leading all the other professions by self-educating himself/herself first. Teachers should develop such an ability to bring the change she/he wishes to see in the world. So basically this paper deals with professional development of teachers.

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