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A new type of Education deliver system has emerged in the World which was completely different in character known as Non- Conventional Education of Open and Distance Learning. (ODL) this new system is fast growing in India taking a great space in Indian Education System. The government’s target of taking GER to nearly 30% by 2020 is thus a herculean task which is made possible through this ODL mode and to reach the Countries GER of Higher Education at 24.5% by 2020. The present study is carried out with an intention to understand the demographic profile of the students of such Non-Conventional Learners in the metropolitan region of Mumbai city. This study helps the planners and the Educational Policy makers a direction to further plan for different infrastructural and educational needs of such learners in the upright directions for expanding the access of Higher Education through ODL mode in the existing demographic structure of India thereby help in increasing the countries GER as envisaged by Ministry of Human Resource development.

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