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Artificial Intelligence is noiselessly but progressively entering Indian farming and hence affecting our society at hefty. Artificial intelligence methods are creation inroads in all arenas including Farming. Amid tall prospects about how Artificial aptitude will assistance the mutual man and too alter his mind set, opinions and boldness towards the welfares that it may carry, there are convinced anxieties about unkind effects of such urbane tools as well.  Artificial Intelligence techniques like auto-translation among various languages, text to speech and speech and speech to text in Indian languages can help the poor farmers in accessing the required knowledge generated by National Agricultural Research and Education System. By the year 2050, the United Nations projects that 2/3rd of the world’s populace will live in town areas, plummeting rural workforce. The new technologies will be desirable to ease the assignment on agriculturalists operations will be completed at all, procedures will be mechanical, risks will be recognized and issues resolved. In the future, ever farmer’s skills will increasingly be a mix of huge technologies and biology skills rather than pure agricultural.

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