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The present study is aimed to establish the various problems encountered by the women vegetable vendors such as social issues, poor economic conditions and difficulties facing to sell the vegetables in Chennai city. The study also focused to bring out their entrepreneurial ability and selling skills used by them to improvise sales to reach maximise revenue.  The Street vending profession makes vigorous influence to the city and semi-urban areas by providing relaxed access to product and services at reasonable charges. Their facility is greater for a local people that are on the passage and it is one of the chief motives why the street sellers are originate gathered in and about the bus stands, railway stations and rear sides of streets. It is estimated that over 25 per cent of workforces internationally function in the unorganised sector. As the country grows the population progressively changes from farming activities to industrial and white collar professions. Therefore a continuous arrival of persons from the countryside to town areas, the burdens on the organized employment sectors are tall and unavoidably a gap matures that is connected by the militaries of the informal sectors. It is also projected that 30 per cent to 80 per cent of workers in town areas of the emerging world are affianced in informal sector.

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