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Moringa is a miracle magic plant and it can bring financial wellness as well as physical wellness to one’s own personal and professional life. It can bring the health revolution and economic revolution in North East India if it is used scientifically and systematically. Moringa is used in Indian medicine since 5000 yrs ago and was known across several parts of the ancient world. Moringa is a wild tree that grows till the altitude of 1200 meters. It can tolerate pH 5.0 to 9.0, the botanical name of Moringa is  Moringa Oleifera.

North East India is the most suitable area for Moringa cultivation because of its favorable climatic and geographical conditions. It is observed in the  North East Area that  Moringa leaf is consumed to reduce  High Blood Pressure (Taken in Paste formate) and also Moringa leaf paste is applied over the middle portion of the head to reduce the High blood pressure. However, it is yet to be explored if it can be used as a commercial medicine in the North East Area. Moringa leaves are sold in the market of Assam which is of very high demand, one small bundle ideally of 150-gram leaf costs around 30 INR.

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