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The small scale industrial sector is the second largest sector, which uses human resources next only to that of the agricultural sector in our country. It plays a pivotal role in the Indian economy in terms of its contribution to the country’s industrial production employment and the entrepreneurial base. The growth of the small scale sector has also improved the production of non-durable consumer goods of mass consumption and its yields period of the gestation period is faster than the traditional industrial sector. The share of the small scale industrial units in Tamil Nadu state compared to that of the whole of India, in terms of increase in the number of units has taken place. In the recent years Kanniyakumari District is one of the industrially growing district in Tamil Nadu. The growth of small scale industries have been encouraged in the developed as well as in the backward areas in the districts. Many programmes have been launched in order to alleviate poverty and to promote self employment through the District Industries Centre. Hence the present study analysis the entrepreneurial performance towards the small scale industry in the Kanniyakumari District.

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