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The paper examines the public investment on the agriculture development in India as well as Karnataka. It is not only very important in agriculture sector especially in developing countries but also in every countries of the world. As such, the Indian government implemented lot of programmes and policies to develop the agriculture sector in order to sustain the agriculture production and productivity. There are some important factors are - transforming the Rural Economy was a major agricultural economy to show the strength of agriculture through investing lot on agriculture by the government in India. These public investments create positive effect on whole economy as regional cooperation and coordination, and fostering innovation and local entrepreneurs as the building blocks for a rural economy. The report sets forth these four-pronged strategies as follows - help rural communities and counties think regionally to compete globally; public investments focus on strengthen the distinct economy which was transformed from the different opportunities. The paper was analysed that the financial performance on agriculture development in inter-state of the country and Karnataka state.

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