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State of nourishment security in India is desolate and it is more like African nations. Both the demand side and supply side components have their role in the current state of nourishment security and undernourishment in India. This examination bolsters that if horticulture creation develops; expanding nourishment costs has less bearing on low sustenance security. India has an issue of sustenance security is especially identified with low interest on the off chance that request of individuals can be improved, sustenance security can be accomplished. The disaggregated pattern of sustenance security demonstrates that issue of nourishment weakness is high in poor states. The research brings up that sustenance security which is difficult to accomplish in India without improving the dimension of in general agribusiness creation. Improving horticultural creation is one of the option to guaranteeing long haul sustenance security and advancing destitution decrease. State level capacity limit of nourishment grains brings up that how a state like Bihar with low storeroom will figure out the option to execute the Bill. Without recognizing job of market, achievement of Food Security Bill and decrease of neediness sustenance security is a dream.

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