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India is a country of SME’s as they play a very crucial role in Indian industrial sector. They have become the wheels of economic growth due to their flexible and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. SME’s are playing very significant part in making millions of jobs at the little ability level. It contributes around 40% towards India’s total exports which shows the geographical cover of the enterprises. As the technology is advancing, SME section can live the attack by discovery groundbreaking ways to match and surpass customer prospects. The Cloud-based knowledge is extremely multifaceted but effective in order to reduce costs. The increase of novel numerical industrial skill, recognized as Industry 4.0, is an alteration that brands it likely to fold and examine data across apparatuses, thereby earlier, more supple, and well-organized procedures to harvest higher-quality things at abridged costs. This industrial rebellion will upsurge output, swing economics, development manufacturing growth, and benefit to promotion the outline of the staff which imprison eventually altering the keenness of businesses and areas. The fourth manufacturing rebellion suggests a deep alteration in the way manufacture takes place, whereby old-style manufacturing plants are substituted by keen sweatshops based on announcement between persons, machineries and products through the application of the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) for manufacturing. The CPS is networks of microcomputers, sensors, and actuators that can be embedded to have smooth functioning in the business operations.

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