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Informal sector is playing a key role in economic development through creating employment and income. Over 93 percent of employment in India is informal in nature and workers are not provided any social security benefits. Home-based workers are one of the economic activities in informal sector. The home-based work is one of the important works in informal sector. The home-based informal worker performs the work in his or her home premises rather than the employer destination. The home-based workers normally will get the job from employer or enterprises or through the contractor. In most of the situations, the employer or the contractors will provide the raw materials to compete the task. The remuneration will be paid on the basis of the product is produced or piece rated. Research was conducted through survey method and 100 samples respondents are surveyed. Convenience sampling method was adopted to collect the data from sample respondents. The Chennai city is selected for study purpose, because of city is providing a large chunk of self-employment opportunity to the poor, uneducated and migrants. The data collected from skilled and semi-skill home-based workers in the study area. It is found from the present analysis that the self-employed home-based workers are earning meager amount of income. It is also found that the average income of home-based workers are recorded as rupees 7100 per month. (Minimum was 5000 and maximum was rupees 9500).

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