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Indian retail sector is one of the largest business revenue generating sectors; especially after
2000’s on wards activities became even more evident. The time when the retail sector started to
contribute significantly towards the Indian economy, the supermarkets flooded the markets. The
entry of the retail sector especially saw a tremendous change in the business improvisation along
with the mindset of the customers too. This symphony triggered the retail sector to update the
market trends with customer’s likes and preferences. Even though there was not much of
marketing activities taken up, the challenge lies with the industry to market its products after a
gap of almost 2 decades. Today the retail industry is seeing low sales with an immediate
deceleration of sales, thereby creating flutters in the industries which have investment in the
business, with an intension to recover in the next couple of decades. The repercussions are such
that the supplying industries are so much effected that, they are working day in and day out,
which otherwise had seen a volumes of sales naturally. The question is – is there a change in the
preferences of customers considering retail industry as privilege, some years back or the Indian
markets are seeing a sea change from the traditional small time business markets to hyper
markets? As such Indian readiness does not indicate

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