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The majority of the population in India lives in villages and depends on agriculture and
allied activities. The Indian rural population consists of farm sector and non-farm sector.
The non-farm sector consists of the poorest of the poor, considered as landless people.
They are either marginal farmers or labour class, who have no land and they mainly
depend upon physical labour for livelihood in the form land. If they have access to
financial resources for income generating activities, they will come out of their economic
problems. Despite of wide network of banks in the country and implementation of the
credit linked Poverty Alleviation Programme, a large number of poor continue to remain
outside the formal banking system as well as the main stream of economic development.
Various studies suggest that the existing policies, systems and procedures do not meet the
needs of hardcore and asset lesspoor. This study made an attempt to examine the income
generating initiatives of SHGs for poverty eradication.

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