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This research paper attempted to understand how fraud cases happened due to lack of English
language related to banking transactions in modern societies. Due to the advancement of ICT
and transport facilities, life became easy but at the same time, it became difficult to maintain
privacy. Security issues are emerging in our life related to financial management. Banks in
India linked customers’ mobile number and email address to their account maintained with the
bank. Fraudsters are using contact details from shopping malls and various registration
counters. Many a time while downloading any mobile application customers do provide contact
details and accept the typical terms and conditions of the service providers without reading or
checking security details. In such cases, most of the times contact details of the customers being
sold to someone. The buyers of such details used to trap customers in the name of discounts,
prize, free membership etc. Customers receive calls and messages that they are getting benefits.
Customers who are using smartphones do click on the given URL and enter into the website from
which they steal private information

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