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Due to advancement in technology the world has become rapidly more digitized. Two
important factors that have contributed to this development are the use of mobile phones, and
the use of the Internet. Youth are more fascinated about mobile phones and they try to make
life convenient for themselves by using their mobile phones at the maximum. Though mobile
payment apps are easy to operate, they have lot of security issues and risk factors and the
confidential information of the user can be hacked. The individuals may adopt the payment
app but may not have full knowledge about the app they are using. It also attached with
benefits such as reduction in black money, an increase in the span of income tax, reduced
crime rates, convenient and easy to access, better financial services. The study is to obtain a
true insight of adoption and usage of mobile payment apps by youth and their contribution to
the banking sector in Mangaluru city. This study focuses on the youth who adopt and use the
mobile payment apps

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