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Today marketers are certainly faced with wide array of challenges as well as opportunities in
this digital age. Digital marketing in common parlance is the utilization of various electronic
media by the marketers to successfully promote their products and services into the market. Thus
the major objective of digital marketing is all about attracting the customers and also allowing
them to interact with the brand through various digital media. The present article focuses on the
importance of digital marketing avenues from both marketers and consumers point of view. The
digitalization of marketing provides new options for routes to markets, communication, brand
building, relationship development, trialing pricing, product development, sourcing insights, as
well as a platform for innovation. But, only if businesses embark on this journey, and then keep
up with the pace once en route. The implications for business stemming from marketing’s digital
journey are detailed along with avenues for future research; to develop further understanding of
digitalization. The paper also tries to examine the effect of digital marketing on firm’s sales.
Besides the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is also presented in
this paper. The present study has also described various forms of digital marketing, effectiveness
of it as well as impact of digital

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