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The institutional credit system has been initiated to play a crucial role in the
agricultural development of India. The state and central government policy states that output,
poverty alleviation, social justice, equality, socio-economic condition, and growth are an
important part of agricultural progress. The state economy is largely dependent on
agricultural activity, with more than 65% of the total population have been engaging in
agriculture. Credit is an indispensable requirement for the progress of agriculture and
economic development. Agriculture Credit assumes greater significance on account of the
fact that it is a critical input to support and sustain crop production in a developing economy
like India. The Co-operative Credit system provides short term credit, medium-term credit,
and long term to agriculturist. The Co-operative structure is a three-tier structure with
Primary Agricultural Credit societies in rural areas, Co-operative Central Banks at the district
level and the Apex Bank at the state level. This paper has attempted to reveal the
performance of short term, medium-term and long term credit structure and disbursement of
loans in the Karnataka.

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