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Indian retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It creates 10%
employment and contributes significantly to the Indian GDP. Changes in the lifestyle,
increased disposable income, privatisation, liberalisation policies of the government has
contributed to the growth of the retail Industry in India. Unorganised retail occupies 90% of
the total retail market, hence this sector is the major employment generator. Organised retail
growth is higher than the unorganised retail sector. Grocery retail occupies the majority
share of the industry. There are certain challenges for the growth and development of this
industry in India. Also due to the growth of organised retail, there is negative impact on
unorganised retailers in some cases. Due to this it has become vital to understand the
consumer behaviour of the shoppers who purchase from these stores. Hence this paper
attempts to understand the variables influencing the selection of unorganised retail store by

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