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India as a country has been on a growth track, however, in recent past, is been buffeted
with challenges pertaining to slowdown in the economy. Speculations are around of
economy heading towards recession. On the contrary it is been stated that it is a
temporary bearish trend in connection to the global economic scenario and India will
bounce back substantiated with effective Government policy’s and reforms. A battle of
differed thoughts and predictions are been witnessed by eminent economists and
intellects pertaining to the issue. In this context the current paper makes an attempt in
consolidating the various dimensions been percolated and further the data analysis has
been carried out by examining the predominant economic drivers of the nation. Analyses
are in tune with understanding the trend of economic indicators being; Gross National
Product (GDP), Employment Rate, Inflation Rate, Foreign Direct Investment, Exports,
Percapita Income and the likes. Regression

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