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Higher education plays a vital role in developing a country’s human resource. Higher education should be offered in such a way that it should be updated and caters to the requirement of the industry, should be accessible, reachable and easy to learn for the students.

There are a lot of new and innovative initiatives taken up by the corporate sector in tie up with a lot of educational institutions in training and development of college students by offering them e-learning modules with a variety of courses even before they step in to the job industry. Martin Oliver, 2000), opined that e-learning helps in self learning and education can be easily managed. Veneri (2011), Patterson et al, 2012, Means et al, 2013, feel that educational institutions alone can inculcate the habit of e-learning among students. The current study focuses on the challenges of offering e-learning as a part of higher education. The study also tries to ascertain and evaluates the facts pertaining to the effectiveness and successful achievement of its objectives among college students.

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