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The purpose of the study was intended to assess the Effect of Yogic training on  stress Variable among Secondary children, for this purpose hundred children studying in various classes of Rampur Government high school belong to Sindagi Taluka of   Vijayapura District in Karnataka state have been selected for the present study, the   age group ranging of 14-16 years were selected. They were divided into two equal groups, each group consist of 50 subjects, in which group-I belong to yoga   is underwent yoga practices and training, The group –II acted as control group who were not allowed to participated and receive any special treatment apart from their regular curriculum classes’ The training period for this study was six days a week for twelve weeks, the before and after the training period, the subjects were tested for stress behaviour. The assess significant effect of yoga on stress Variables on subgroup’s’ test was applied and discussion was made in the below table. It was drawn concluded that due to the yoga training, the yoga i.e.  experimental group has shown significant decreases in exhibiting level of stress behaviour comparing to their counterpart control group.

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