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Human have more interest in birds from earlier. Studies on bird’s intelligence and song learning have been largely on laboratory based and birds migration including aspect of navigation orientation and physiology are often studied using captive birds in special cages that record their activities. The Importance of study is to analyze the mode and mechanism of flight and behaviour of domestic living pigeon. The first hint that birds evolved from reptiles appeared in 1861 with the discovered of an beautiful skeleton of a late Jurassic bird named Archaeopteryx, the first known birds discovered in early 1860.The most distinguishing feature of pigeon is the possession of feathers, which don’t occurs in animals. The smaller forms are usually called doves and larger forms called pigeon. Thus a pigeon may be described as a feathered, bipedal, flying vertebrate possessing wings. They attract attention because of flight, colourful plumages, springtime songs, strange migration, many fascinating habits and considerable economic value of man

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