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Stress is emerging as global phenomenon affecting all countries, professions and all categories of workers and there is substantial evidence that the workplace can have an impact upon employee health – both positive and negative. The reasons which in turn as a source of consequent stress are many like technology upgradation, information revolution, fast changing and materialist lifestyle, innovations, peer pressure and growing competitions. Thus stress acts a barrier in the progression of any employee. It is an inevitable factor in the life of an employee and has the possibility of affecting the performance of an employee and detracts the ability of the employee to contribute to the organization and can also create serious life threats like unprecedented turmoil, traumas and physical and mental disorders and that is why it is becoming a matter of concern for many organisations. This study tries to find out the causes of stress and its impact on the employees in an organisation. It also examines various coping strategies that can be adopted for a healthy environment. As a healthy and stress free environment can help in achieving optimum output from its employee in an efficient way.

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