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Every life on the earth is developing itself by imitating and learning through the surrounding including human being. Human being are also doing the same but only different is that based on the intellect level, they made their life very ease and comfortable.  Training to animal to survive on the earth is informal by their parent. The change between human and animal is that human being gets two types of training which they call as education i.e. informal and formal. Informal which they take at home from family, friend etc. and informal which they get in the schooling, colleges etc. Now-a-day, the concept of formal education is connected with e-learning, use of technical tools as teaching aids with giving knowledge of computer literacy from early schooling to higher education. Moreover, the professional skill development is one more concept of current technical era. There are numerous benefits as well as challenges while applying these assets at educational level.  The aim of current study is to focus on the challenges in both development of professional skills and computer literacy at higher education in India.

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