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The current paper aims to analyse the financial analysis of Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum Limited of India as Petrol is the natural resource and used since ancient age. Now-a-days, its role is important in all sectors of human life including political, economic, scientific and technological. The rising use of technical assets and modern electrical assets to make human life easy, the use of Petroleum is increasing day-by-day and simultaneously, as per the market norms of demand and supply the rate of petroleum is increasing rapidly. Petroleum is the outcome of refined crude oil and liquid produced from fossil fuels. It is the major source of Arabian countries in which these oils are more in numbers as compare to other countries of the world. For United   States of America, it is the largest source of energy used for several purposes. It is used for different purposes as to drive the vehicles, to heat buildings, and to generate an electricity. Even in this technical era, the petrochemical industrial sectors are using petroleum as the raw material. India is developing country in which industrial growth is growing rapidly. It is helping factor of Indian economical financial growth. Therefore, researcher feels the need of current study.

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