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Cloud computing is used ubiquitously not only by the local users but also by industries. In cloud computing, the security of the data on servers is an intriguing issue. This paper proposes a method for the security of cloud through key generation and encryption. In our proposed work, the keys such as OTP, Secret key, Identification key and Sharing key are generated in the email of the user upon registering. Whenever the user wants to store the file as an attachment in the cloud storage for encryption, the user has to provide the OTP. After that, the user has to provide the secret key for the encryption which is being performed by DES, CAST, BLOWFISH, DES with CAST and DES with BLOWFISH algorithms to file of any size. When the users want to insert, download and view the files in the cloud storage, they have to specify the identification key. The analysis shows that the proposed hybrid DES with BLOWFISH algorithm provides higher complexity and lesser execution time for encryption and decryption than individual algorithms. 

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