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Carbofuran is a broad-spectrum insecticide and is used for foliar treatment of cotton, fruits, vegetables, and commercial ornamentals field crops and also in dairies and poultry cultures. Though it facilitates in farming and medicinal point of view, it has hazardous effects by it’s over uses. Currently we have focused our study on its interaction with food grains (maize, black pulse, pea, gram, wheat and soybean) by the UV- spectrophotometric technique. Here we have studied the recovery, formulation, and residual analysis by using UV- spectrophotometric technique. It has observed that carbofuran absorbed by food grains, as recovery range lies between 84% to 98% with regression coefficient 0.93 to 0.97 and higher residual ranges were obtained at higher concentration and least at low concentration (3 to 27%) with regression coefficient 0.95 to 0.98

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