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Abstract: The automatic generation control is amalgamation of wind, hydro and thermal power plant that has concocted with progressive controllers. Efficiency of automatic generation control (AGC) system can be enhanced by using few techniques like gradient descent and particle swarm optimization. Particle swarm optimization is way better than gradient descent. Above style used to get the better performance and to optimize the speed governance parameter (Ri), integral gain (Ki), proportional gain (Kp) and frequency bias (Bi) parameter distinctive area. There are lots of modern approach for AGC for conventional mainly established with integral squared error(ISE) to get best choice of controller parameters. Method represented here is just a trial version but it consumes time to calculate for several parameters. The computer based technique like Particle Swarm Optimization is highly productive and reliable in calculations of dissimilar gains in load frequency control. Moreover, PSO recital is much better than Gradient Descent (GD) to get the best optimized result for discrete parameter and controller which enhanced vital performance for three area network which includes hydro, thermal and Wind power plants. MATLAB in which SIMULINK library is used to depict the replica of the Automation Generation Control (AGC).

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