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This paper has tried to emphasize on a vital aspect of research that is sampling. Sampling, if done in a proper way then one can decide the overall success or failure of any research project. This paper is an honest attempt in trying to shed light on two of the very efficient methods of sampling (cluster and multistage) which can lead to provide us the most accurate results if done correctly. The paper clearly tries to show the importance of the cluster sampling technique by conducting an in-depth literature review and then by illustrating the exact impact it can have on a research by conducting a small survey by using the Cluster sampling technique only, where an effort has been made to find out reasons for discontinuity in higher education in rural areas along with their causes. The results are shown with the help of tables and figures which describe that due to various reasons the ratio of female respondents is greater than male respondents in the discontinuity in higher education after matriculation.

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