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In the present era one of the biggest problems faced by world is traffic management, as there is a growth in population every year, as a result the number of vehicles manufactured are also increasing adding to the existing traffic, With vehicles hitting the roads increasing day by day and the roads merely being with same dimensions the vehicle density on the road has increased .This results in increase in the number of traffic jams being caused. The average time spend by an individual in traffic has also increased. Many lives can be saved by proper traffic analysis and management as many people die because of delayed arrival of ambulance due to the traffic .There can be many ways that this problem can be solved, namely by increasing the dimensions of road and limiting the number of vehicles per individual etc. Which require a lot of investment and changes in the law. Our goal is to reduce this problem to a certain extent by efficient traffic analysis which helps in better management which was not possible in past because of lack of advancements in technology.

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