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Depending on the dynamic changes in the consumer’s demand and market trends, the area of edible film with enormously different types of combinatory of edible polymers has resulted in performing active packaging of the food materials [1]. Active packaging of food by introducing edible films including fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and sea foods, milk products and meat products which is becoming significant, especially in this modern success-racer world where nobody have the time to think even about their health.   

Food contamination is one of the common phenomenon of deterioration of food due to its exposure to unhealthy environment that permits the growth of the pathogenic microbes. There are some traditional preservation techniques to preserve the food and to increase the shelf life durability of the food but recontamination occurrence can spoil the food, making it unappetizing for the consumers to consume it. Introduction of antimicrobial edible film or edible coating packaging system is a novel development in this field that significantly emphasizes on the incorporation of antimicrobial agents into the polymer matrix or film that suppresses the activity of the targeted microorganisms that are duly responsible for the contamination of food products [2]. 

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