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Sixty-four benchmark soils belonging to eight orders: Entisols, Inceptisols, Alfisols, Oxisols, Ultisols, Mollisols, Aridisols and Vertisols have been evaluated for shallow excavations, dwellings without basement and construction of local roads and streets.  Psamments are poorly suited for shallow excavations.  Fluvaquents have severe limitations due to seasonal ponding and high-water table.  Ustochrepts, Eutrochrepts and Dystrochrepts with fine loamy family have good suitability.  Natrustalfs have average suitability for all the building-site development works.  Typic, Vertic and Aeric subgroups of Ochraqualfs are poorly suited.  Eutrorthox and Haplorthox have average to good suitability for shallow excavations and dwellings.  Chromusterts and Pellusterts with fine to very fine family are poorly suited for any building-site development work.  Special designs and pretreatments are necessary to use these soils safely.  Salorthids and Natragrids are poorly to moderately suited and Camborthids and Paleargids have good suitability rating for shallow excavations, dwellings and construction of local roads and streets.  Different taxa of Soil Taxonomy have also been evaluated for their contribution to interpretations for non-agricultural uses.  Soil family has been found to provide the maximum information for making such interpretation. 

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