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Vit. C (L-ascorbic acid) is an essential vitamin required by the living system. Densities (d) of Vit. C in water and in aqueous solution of LiCl has been determined at temperature T=(288.15-318.15) K at atmospheric temperature. The values of densities increase with increases in concentrations and decreases with temperature. The apparent molar volume (Vf) and partial molar volume (V2o) have been calculated from the density data for the studied aqueous solutions of Vit. C in water and in aqueous LiCl solutions. The partial transfer volume of (DtrV2o) for Vit. C form water to aqueous solution have been calculated. The Values of (∂V2o­/∂T)p and (∂2V2o­/∂T2)P have been deduced from data to predict the structure making and breaking nature of Vit.C in water and in aqueous solutions of LiCl at all the studied temperatures.

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