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Internet of things (IOT) is the new technology which is used to drive automated grass cutting machine. It is a conventional approach for cutting the grass of the lawn using remote operated device so as to avoid the hazards of horny grasses which can harm humans and provide scratches on exposed body parts and even some times cloth gets stuck in these. The lawn Mowers  which are available at present in market are bulky, costly and most of them are powered by gas engine and Internal combustion engine which is surely a threat for the environment ,and another issue rises up when we water the garden, it is very time consuming and also laborious. There is a fundamental need to develop such environmental friendly lawn mower that can cut the grass in an efficient way and also water the lawn at the same time. This paper presents the study of various parameters such as blade cutting speed, turf quality, battery life span along with the design analysis of lawn mower. Here an approach of an autonomous lawn mower is proposed which can minimize the physical effort in cutting the lawn by eliminating the need to follow behind the mower and also helps us to make the environment pollution free and safe. The results show that the cutting speed action of blade has an important impact when it strikes the grass. The speed of the high torque DC motor is 7000 rpm and the blade tip sped is 4398m/min.

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