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Effluents throw from many tannery industry consist of very toxic chemical and dyes. Treatment process including physical and chemical protocol has been not efficient due to the high process costs, and complex operational system therefore suitable alternative will be required, also these methods unable to destroy dyes and detergents completely. Therefore present review revealed by using microbes having effective potential to biodegrade of toxic compounds contaminated with environmental soil.   Little bacterial as well as fungal strain belonged to Genera Bacillus, Exiguobacterium, Acinetobacter and Aspergillus presence in effluents discharge. The potential microorganism having dye degrading property could be isolated and mass multiply under lab condition.  Our hypothesis is textile effluents consisting resistance strain identified from selection pressure sites utilize food source for survival.   ultimate aim of review to critically discuss and suggested novel cost effective and efficient bioreactor system for complete removal of toxic chemicals and dyes originated from textile mills.  

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