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Establishing Indian indentureship sites, sculptures and monuments ensures the experiences and contributions of the indentured labourers are acknowledged, remembered and passed on to future generations. These are tangible reminders of a chapter in world history that shaped the identity and heritage of millions of people in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific. Indian indentureship represents a period of migration, struggle and resilience, where individuals were deceptively transported from India to various parts of the world as labourers.

Sites and monuments are educational and cultural heritage resources which provide a deeper understanding of a shared history and heritage. Visitors can even engage with the stories, artefacts, structures and sites that symbolise the lives of those who endured indentureship. These monuments foster a sense of connection, empathy and respect for our ancestors. It is vital that we honour the past with monuments and historical sites, thereby preserving our cultural heritage and promoting intergenerational dialogue which demonstrates the resilience of the diaspora’s spirit.

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