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Literature is the right source which pictures the society that is being created out of new experiences, felt, lived and imagined as well. Indian English Literature is one of the distinguished literatures which captures the contemporary societal changes along with new concepts and perspectives. Modernism is one of the emerging theories in the late 20th century that has enabled writers across the world. To introduce new concepts in Literature Indian women writers of the late 20th century have also captures modernistic trends while throwing light on the different facts of the society they live in. Shobha De is one of the modernist writers who has created a unique kind of literature in her novels with a new outlook and they are the sources through which a new world of women can be seen. De’s style, approach and her themes are more relevant to that of the most modern era in which she lives in. She is one of those English writers who explore the world of urban women in India. Her novels voice against the patriarchal culture which considers women as an appendage or an auxiliary to man. She strives to undo this titled and distorted image of women who cries for freedom and equality which still goes unheard in the patriarchal world. Her novels are populated with women who are more powerful than men, striving for self-actualization and are essentially represented as sexually liberated, challenging the tradition set up of the society. This paper aims at describing Shobha De’s complexity with special preferences as a modernist author.

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