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As per the current condition of environment degradation, most of the higher education institutions are working on making the campus green and implementing sustainability in curriculum as well as working of institution. The current study focuses on green management of campuses of private universities of Haryana on operational aspect of institution and determine the best practices that were adopted and should be adopted in order to implement sustainability processes. Green management means the integration of principle of Management and environment management that form the relationship between environment and management. The data is collected from, private universities of Haryana through studying the documents, website and interview of competent authority of universities. Based on the research, concept of green campus has been purposed which involve the smart sharing of resources, development of green buildings and reducing the use of transportation and carbon footprints. In addition, the study also conclude that sustainability and green management should be made the integral part of the attitude of students, scholars and staff members for making the campus green. So, the best practices should be adopted across various area of institution for making the environment sustainable green campus and forming the positive attitude of students and staff members towards sustainability.

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