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Transgender is a phenomenon in the history of mankind. They are glorified in Indian mythology,Vedas, and other sacred books such as Ramayana and Mahabharatha. The term, “Transgender” is the result of such proactive approach towards these people which has resulted in multi- faceted academic studies. The process of thinking and rethinking makes man to be very much creative in bringing out this bitter social reality into literature.  As literatures in English deal with the social realistic themes such as untouchability, male domination, and want of freedom, never fails to deal with the social realistic theme- Transgender Issues. The pains and pangs experienced by the transgender people are common all over the world. Their trauma can also well contextualized through literature for an understanding of their psyche. There are number of novels, poetry, dramas, and short stories that project the theme of oppression experienced by the transgender. In this milieu, it is necessary to study the pathetic conditions of the transgender people of the west and the East to create awareness among the mass of the world. The core result would be the one which says that the treatment meted on them causes a lot of mental agony in them.

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