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Mahesh Dattani is one of the modern Indian English playwrights who consistently voices out the frustrations of the voiceless and underprivileged in society. His plays play a crucial role in bringing out the social evils that still prevails in Indian culture and society. His characters are carefully crafted and skillfully played. In the select play Tara Dattani has depicted the deep rooted patriarchal system in society.  Women act as a puppet in the hands of men and strengthen patriarchal values. Bharati despite being the mother of Tara ruins her daughter’s life and suffers in the long run because of her inhuman act. Dattani through  this  play  exposes  the  callous  behaviour  of  society  towards  the  physically  disabled persons.  Dr.Thakkar  makes  the  misuse  of  his  profession.  He was  bribed  by  Bharati  and  her father for surgery that led to the death of Tara. Tara was written by Dattani in 1990 and it explores the depths of gender-based discrimination as Chandan narrates the alienation experienced by Tara. When the Siamese twins come to know about the truth behind their separation, Tara dies and Chandan leaves India. This paper examines in detail about the disability and culture as represented in this select play.

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