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From the existence of human, two genders, male and female were considered as significant for identity. Apart from these two genders, another gender existed, which is called as ‘transgender’.They are cross dressers and are identified by different names such as bisexuals, cross sexuals, epicene, unisexual, genderqueer, hijrasand so on. Throughout their life they suffer from discrimination, humiliation and violence  from the society. They remain as third gender and spend their life in dilemma with the question of their identity. The term GenderDysphoria is used to define a person with gender identity disorder. This is a kind of distress experienced mainly by transgender  because of the mismatch between their physical sex and mental sex. Such people are totally uncomfortable with their body and experience psychological trauma which affects their daily routine life. This paper shall therefore focus on the identity crisis faced by Indian Hijras, their rise and struggle to gain their space in the society in the Autobiographies of Laxminarayan Tripathi, who is a writer,dancer,actor,activist and above all a Hijra.

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