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Every child born in this world remains us of goodness that must be nurtured and treasured. The way in which they are molded during their childhood reflects in their every stage of living. But in most of the times they undergo molestation and child abuse, especially the girl child, by their close relatives and also by the unknown strangers. Child abuse holds a different perspective when compared to all other crime. It is because the victim is found guilty every time and hides every emotional torment within them where as the culprit enjoys all his fanciful desires without being caught. The frequency of this crime reflects in the nature of the victim were they are unable to lead a peaceful life as they are very much wounded by the incidents that remind them of that awkward moments of darkness enfolding the pain and the scar. In this play Thirty Days in September, Mahesh Dattani has brought out a new perspective where the victim stands firm in bringing out the issue to be dealt with the culprit. This also remarks on a reformation where the victim is able to analyze the situation and understand the social dilemma not by simply accepting it in the name of innocence instead to repel with an identity protesting to put forth the truth. This paper aims at bringing out the preventive measures, the strict laws to be enforced and the treatment to the victim in case of being affected.

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