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Disabled literature reflects and explores the representations of all the kinds of disabilities. Literature, being a representation of life creates the conduit about disability and ability. It helps us to understand the experiences and hard realities of the disabled, their acceptance and positioning in our lives and our social culture. It also perpetuates the social processes which alienate, marginalize and exclude people with disabilities. In modern writings, disability is conceived as difference and not deficit.  It is the perception of Anita Nair on disability. A notable Indian based woman writer, in her novels has given a prior description of differently able persons and the intimate world of their own in her novels. Idris, the protagonist of Idris: Keeper of the Light has a be-jeweled eye attracting every one; but he experiences the inability to sleep in his whole life. Smriti of Lessons in Forgetting undergoes the comatose condition for a noble cause which sways all her senses. Anita Nair’s Eating Wasps portrays the sufferings of Najma, an acid attack victim having a ghostly appearance, the sad plight of Maya in bringing up her autism affected son Naveen and the hysterical blindness of Theresa .This paper aims at using disability as a literary device to explore the, hither to, untold sufferings of peripheral sections of differently able people and their perception of looking their disability into an advantage in Anita Nair’s novels.

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