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Disability studies are an academic discipline which examines the meaning, nature, consequences and solution of disability. Disability is mainly connected with the social construct. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden is analysed in disability perspective. A child suffers a lot mentally and physically due to disability. They find it difficult to overcome their disability. This paper mainly focuses on overcoming disability through two characters Mary Lennox and Colin. Mary is sick at the beginning of the novel and later finds her own way to come out of her sickness and helps Colin to recover from his disability. Novel focus mainly on the recovery of the disability faced by Mary mentally by the society and Colin by physically. Colin is very different acts abnormal when he is in his wheel chair and after meeting Mary he tries to come out his disability and find happiness gradually. Disability is a disorder but still one can really live his or her life by ignoring the entire social construct. Burnett has portrayed this situation beautifully connected to nature and constructed the life of both characters parallel and the way they overcome their disability.

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